Sequoia Cantilever Racking is ideal for storage of long dimensions goods


Sequoia Cantilever Racking is ideal for storage of goods characterized by volumes and dimensions that may make it difficult to position them. Thanks to its characteristics which makes it ideal solution for storing tubes, steel bars, plastic or metal pipes, metal sheets, furniture, chipboard and packs of timber as well as pallets, metal containers and white goods. The Sequoia Cantilever racking is characterized by a remarkable modularity, both in height and in depth: arms and columns are made in different sizes and dimensions, so as to easily satisfy the demands of adaptability of Cantilever racking to the needs of space and management of the warehouse.





An important element of superiority of Sequoia Cantilever is the camber, covered by an exclusive patent, as it is made by molding, instead by extrusion. This allows to model its shape, obtaining new and superior performances: the grooving created in the contact area with the structure allows a greater stability.

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