Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things!

                                                        Peter F. Drucker



Tezcon® is specialized in creating storage spaces, which is efficient, cost effective and operationaly-driven. We focus on mainly from simple shelving to more sophisticated and complex automated storage solutions. We provide complete solutions together with the products and services including consultancy, space-planning, technical drawing, installation and maintenance with our own expertise team.

For any storage and logistics needs Tezcon® has the most efficient and effective solutions. From small parts handling to heavy pallet racking systems, mezzanine floors to multi-tier shelving, picking sortation systems to automated pallet flow solutions.

Tezcon® is providing the most efficient high-performing logistics solutions with the best partners for specific and tailor-made requirements. With our expertise and knowledge in our industry we are always ready to reach your goals and targets for the best performing storage operations.


Optimising the best storage solutions

Tezcon® is providing the storage solutions from pallet racking and shelving to archive storage solutions, semi-automated storage solutions to fully-automated complex solutions together with the best reliable partners. 

We are working in the market with years of experience together with the most experienced suppliers who are the best in their field to provide the best solutions.

We deliver not only just products but also a complete package of services and solutions including consultancy, space-planning, installation and maintenance for logistics warehouses, distribution centres, e-commerce sortation and distribution centres, archiving warehouses and production facilities and many more...


Our mission

Consulting and providing our clients to optimise their storage with the most effective storage solutions which are matching their needs and financial capabilities in their industry. Tezcon® is paying high attention to its client requirements and real needs before to approach the solutions to be provided. Based on our customer needs and our understanding we analyse and develop customized solutions to meet customer requirements. We prefer to cooperate and act as the client's long-term partner rather than just being the supplier as it is based on mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our state-of-the-art, high quality storage solutions is helping our clients to improve their business and we can help to reduce costs and inventory, save space and time, and optimise the storage meaning saving money and investment.

Our policy is to create the partnership between us and our customers and offering the best individual optimised solutions in our industry to go beyond the expectations of our customers and to contribute to accelerate the ROI. 



Tezcon® is helping to reduce your costs and inventory, save space and time. Before you expand your storage space or built a new warehouse, we will help you to optimise your storage efficiency, simply by choosing one of our smart storage solutions.


Tezcon is providing the solutions for;

  • Warehousing
  • Production facilities
  • E-commerce order picking
  • Distribution centers
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