DUBLEZ shelving consists of three basic elements: the frame , the beams and the shelves. All elements of the rack are made of galvanized steel. This treatment ensures excellent resistance to corrosion, even in cold and wet environments.






The structural features are such as to avoid irregularities and sharp edges that, during normal warehouse operations, may constitute sources of risk to the warehouse operators. DUBLEZ is a static light shelving, particularly suitable for the storage of products which, for the dimensional characteristics and limited weight, are not handled with the support of the pallet, however, it has the versatility to house light pallets.

The DUBLEZ beam can in fact be used in a reversible way:

The DUBLEZ beam can in fact be used in a reversible way: in the standard version the beam is mounted so as to house the shelves between the beams and the shelving becomes the ideal solution for picking operations for small and medium capacities; turning the beam, the smooth surface of the beam lends itself instead to the storage of light pallets. DUBLEZ can be used in multiple





applications, such as shelving for the placement of light equipment in single departments, at line beginning for components, in shopping centres and in the distribution for the sale and handling of light products to handle by hand.




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