The most efficient and productive in the area of storage with automatic picking

The mini-load automated storage systems optimise the picking products with boxes, totes and containers with compartments.

This system consists in automatic plants custom of absolute dimensional flexibility, which ensure maximum speed and a complete automatic management of the process for all types of containers and trays. The reliability and the acceleration of the mini-load stacker cranes combined with the modularity of the racks shelf and the functionality of the software interface make these systems the most efficient and productive in the area of storage with automatic picking.


Field of Application

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textile
  • Distribution centers
  • Spare Parts
  • Food
  • Electrical / Electronic






  • Highest efficiency in picking applications
  • Reduced footprint utilisation, maximum profitability
  • Fast positioning
  • Lightweight steel construction increases energy efficiency
  • Highest throughput rates
  • Minimum maintenance costs, quiet operation
  • Flexible application for totes, trays or cartons
  • Adapts to any logistics requirements
  • Loading units handled: metal or plastic containers, boxes, trays and more
  • Maximum load capacity: up to 650 kg
  • Maximum height: up to 22 m
  • Maximum horizontal speed: up to 5.5 m per second
  • Load collection devices: telescopic forks, single bench, grips or drives, etc.
















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