Safety gates and floor marking






Falling from a great height constitues a genuine risk for many categories of employees. The consequences of such a fall can be catastrophic, serious injury, prolonged incapacity for work or a fatality in the worst case. No compensation can usually make up for the personal suffering caused. 


The consequences for the employer should not be underestimated either. The production process is halted or is subject to serious delays and time-consuming labour inspections follow. The company reputation risks being damaged, the time lost is significant and costs get out of hand. 

















The Axess Gate prevents such situations because it provides robust fall protection, by constantly building on its extensive experience in diverse sectors. The Axess Gate is now perfected down to the smallest details. 


The installation is extremely easy and once installed, the fall protection does not require any further maintenance.


The Axess Gate was developed as fall protection for ladders with safety cages and work platforms. The gate prevents you from stepping or falling directly out of an opening. The gate shuts automatically and is manufactured entirely from plastic. 














When working at considerable heights or in hostile environments optimal fall protection is vitally important. The openings of ladders with safety cages and access to machines and work platforms must always be safety screened off. With the Axess Gate nothing is left to chance. Our gates shut automatically, which means that the negligence factor is also eliminated. What’s more they are made from plastic, which makes them highly suitable for applications in extremely salty environments such as on drilling platforms or in the vicinity of corrosive chemicals. 


The Axess Gate is produced from high quality reinforced plastic using unique technology. It makes them exceptionally light and extremely impact resistant. The absence of sliding bearings or electrical driving mechanisms ensures unprecedented durability and performance reliability. Rust or corrosion does not affect the plastic or the stainless steel mounts, which means that no weak areas appear over time. 


The Axess Gate can be used in the most diverse situations where reliable fall protection is a top priority. To optimally satisfy the requirements of the environment, of the job and of the working conditions, the Axess Gate is available in diverse dimensions, versions and opning directions. The systems are delivered fully assembled.







Application Areas


  • Ladders with safety cages
  • Fire escapes
  • Work platforms
  • Silos
  • Drilling platforms and the petrochemical industry 
  • Access to machines & ladders
  • Integration in existing Hand Rail systems










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