Traffic Barriers

Traffic Barriers are perfect solutions to protect people and machines from forklift trucks


Traffic Barriers are perfect solutions to protect people and machines from forklift trucks. They have a great resistance and can make the workplace highly safe and prevent the personnel. 


Thanks to its built-in-memory which shows the flexibility during the forklift truck or vehicle hits and reduces the risks of accidents as well as it protects the floor to get damaged and lower the maintenance costs. 






There are 4 different types of traffic barriers as;




  • TB 200 
  • TB300
  • TB400
  • TB550


All traffic barriers have great resistance against forklift truck hits but with different impact height. 


Traffic barrier 200 is for lower impacts and can be used to protect the walls against the forklift or vehicle hits against them. Especially the damages because of forklift truck hits to the warehouse walls and sandwich panels are costly repairs and TB 200 will be the ideal solution to stop the vehicle. 


It also works as a guidance for trucks and vehicles towards loading bay doors. It has lower impact resistant with 110mm height and with overall 210mm height but the barriers are still durable and do not buckle, thanks to built-in-memory and flexibility. 


The greater impact level height is 550 and the strongest in the market among the single profile traffic barriers. It is used for more stronger forklift trucks or vehicles operating in the warehouse or production activity area. 

Traffic Barrier Double Traffic Barrier Double Super Traffic Barrier Triple Super 




Traffic Barrier Double is perfect solution for higher impact areas and has greater resistance compared to standard traffic barriers. There is also Traffic Barrier Double super and even Traffic Barrier Triple Super is available and they are perfect to protect the machinery, electric transformers, personnel and warehouse walls againt the strongest vehicles operating in the warehosue or production activity area. 






Traffic Barrier Plus The Traffic Plus Barrier is an ideal and innovative combination for pedestrian and vehicle segregation.



Hand Rail Traffic Barriers combinations ensure the safety for people and forklift truck traffic segregation and sets the line for traffic routes.

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