TREE CHEESE is a young product, but which already has an important story: born from the needs of the dairy farms in the district of Emilia and Lombardy affected by the recent earthquake, TREE CHEESE has already been selected and purchased, and in some already installed and is already operational, by numerous companies of the sector. But the story of TREE CHEESE has been able to take place and grow so fast not only thanks to the great engagement dedicated by ROSSS and its customers to solve a problem of production continuity so urgent as that caused by the collapse of entire dairy stores.






It Is Always Possible To Return To Life

TREE CHEESE has been in fact able to be born and be made so readily because its history starts from very far away. The origin of this earthquake-resistant innovative product, the first created specifically for the dairy industry, sinks its roots in the twenty-year search path in which ROSSS has invested enormous engagement: from the tests on the earthquake-proof board of Athens, to the collaboration with prestigious Italian and European universities, to the patents achieved by ROSSS just in the earthquake-proof field. Rigorous qualification and willingness to cooperate of ROSSS on one hand, but more importantly, the courage and the strength of the Emilian and Lombard dairy entrepreneurs who have been able to create with us this story of success and confidence. Together, it is always possible to return to life.

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  1. New design criteria – A “building inside the building”: the shelves are no longer considered work equipment, but steel construction that must be therefore accompanied by a calculation documentation similar to those prepared for buildings.
  2. Intact storage space – Varying the seismic zone do not change the geometrical dimensions of the structural system, or rather the accommodation capacity is maintained unchanged. Not a cheese loaf place is lost: thanks to the homogeneous distribution of the bracing systems the storage capacity of the shelving is not reduced.
  3. Fall protection system of the loafs – The accidental fall of the loafs is prevented through the use of a loaf stop tube, a specific stop element that prevents the transversal fall of the loafs placed on the shelving.
  4. Innovative fixing The TREE CHEESE shelving is characterized by the absence of welds: the columns are composed by two shaped and cross-braced semi columns which are made integral by means of self-locking bolts so as to realize a monolithic assembly. All columns are fixed to the floor by 4 fixing points. The whole system is supplied disassembled before being assembled on site.
  5. Anti-intrusion dirt column – The minimization of gaps limits the accumulation of dirt.
  6. Fully galvanized shelving – It prevents rust.
  7. Galvanizing Magnelis®(optional) – With against corrosion warranty 6 times higher than the hot dip galvanizing.