The Mecano mezzanine is the ideal solution to allow maximum utilization of building height and multiplying its surface. Meccano mezzanine without welds, since the whole structure is assembled with bolts. Welding is in fact a processing technique that requires high proficiency and therefore may be subject to potential errors of execution, with serious consequences on the safety of mezzanines. Therefore, with Mecano, we have completely eliminated welds.



In addition, the drilling of the components, as the main beams and feet, allows the assembly on-the-spot of the entire structure. The whole structure is so designed and realized to be assembled or modified at any time in the place of assembly without being brought to the facility. With high engineering preparation for the construction of earthquake-proof structures, as evidenced by the patent obtained in terms of earthquake-proof bases ensuring your safety in areas with seismic risk.







The Mecano mezzanine is an economical solution compared to concrete construction and also totally demountable and reusable. It is easy to install and can be mounted in existing buildings. The floor can be with open/closed planks as well as metal grid or wooden based on the requirement. It is used with accessories as stairs, railings, pallet loading/unloading gates.

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