Tezcon® installs all types of racking and shelving systems with its own fully-trained staff

Racking systems installation requires an experienced material handling crew with the proper tools and the right equipment. The pallet rack installation should follow the design layout, which is prepared in advance by the engineering project department. It is very important to optimize the warehouse with the correct racking systems, and we consult our clients to choose the right storage solution and shelving systems based on our customer needs.

Safety is also the key factor to protect the investment of our clients and the personnel who is handling the installation. That’s why Tezcon is working with its own people with fully trained on all types of storage systems. We apply the proper health and safety regulations during our installation to prevent work accidents and provide safety to our clients personnel and to our own installation team. Our ISO 18001 Certificate proves our sensitivitity to make the proper installation with high-level secured personnel.



We are experienced with installation of all pallet racking, drive-in racking, mezzanine platforms, multi-tier mezzanine racking, cantilever racking, light-duty shelving, long-span shelving, mobile shelving, automated racking systems as well as commercial shelving such as DIY shelving and retail shelving systems.


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