Tezcon® is working with the best suppliers as well to give a complete key-turn solution for office environment also. Quadrifoglio Sistemi d’Arredo S.p.A. since 1991 projects and produces office furniture. It’s located in the North-East of Italy, in the middle of the furniture industrial district. The company offers office furniture solutions with the right mix of design, functionality, quality of materials and service to the customer, all supported by a common denominator: made in Italy.


Quadrifoglio is able to understand all customers needs: design, functionality, easiness of use, safety, attention to details, relationship between price and quality, evolutions and changes t

1. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION thanks to the product but also to the service pre and post-sales

2. TOTAL QUALITY and RESPECT of the ENVIRONMENT in all company processes

3. WELLNESS and SAFENESS of the working environment

4. STRONG and LASTING RELATIONSHIPS with customers and supplier which become PARTNERS of the company.


OFFICE LIVING: create office furniture, seating, lighting and accessories thinking about the complete wellness of the user, mixing together design, flexibility, functionality, quality and respect of the environment.

Everyday activity is guided by an important concept, SUSTAINABILITY. Tezcon® wants to contribute to the present and future wellness of the company and of all stakeholders: employees, customers, community and environment.



Tezcon® supports its customers in three ways:

- dedicated human resources in the company for the development of visual projects

- possibility to have all the AutoCad drawings of our products

- possibility to have graphic softwares with all Quadrifoglio’s products s customers in terms of product and service quality, promote and 

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