Compact and high capacity warehousing. Higher number of stored items. Reduction in loading and unloading times of pallets.


Tezcon's T-Shut® Radio Shuttle is an innovative solution for automatic pallet storage making it easier to load and unload goods. T-Shut® is an automatic shuttle able to move independently within the drive-in channels meaning forklifts are not needed to reach inside the storage channels, and it is offering a high-density automated storage.

T-Shut® Radio Shuttle transforms drive-in racking systems into an automated storage warehouse, assuring the maximum use of the warehousing, making the warehousing more productive and efficient. The operator performs all the procedures for storing and extracting pallets simply controlling by an interactive radio transmitter. T-Shut® is able to load, unload and arrange pallets into the drive-in channels.

Moved by the traditional forklift, T-Shut® operates in every channel according to the FIFO (First in First out) and LIFO (Last in First out) procedures. The best employment for T-Shut® is in refrigerated cellars of food industry where temperatures can reach down to -30°. In such an environment, storage systems have to maximise the number of pallets, feature few aisles so to optimize the ratio benefit/costs.



•It alllows the storage of different SKU’s per module.

•Efficient load and unload system, which ensures high accuracy.

•Reduced time to unload pallets.

•Reduced damage to the racking systems as the forklift does not need to enter the racking unit.

•Higher production because of pallet flow of incoming and outgoing

•Compatible with different pallet sizes.

•Ideal for storage at low temperature.


Tezcon's T-Shut® Radio Shuttle has a wide range of application options especially in freezers and making same type of continuos products manufacturers. Radio Shuttle systems has become one of the most modern storage and retrieval system preferred in the market. Thanks to T-Shut® Radio Shuttle’s scope of functions, our shutlle is designed to handle medium to high performance rates meets market requirements of maximum performance and reduced costs.

T-Shut® Radio Shuttle has innovative features with reduced shuttle height enables to have more racking levels based on the warehouse roof height available and forklift truck’s maximum lifting level. 



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T-Shut® Radio Shuttle Benefits

•Fast and easy loading and unloading
•No damages to the goods
•No damages to the drive-in racking
•No stress for the operator
•Space optimisation
•Quick and silence movements
•Able to be used ib the existing drive0in systems
•Minimum maintenance
•Lithium Ion battery
•Automatic pallet counting in the channel helping for inventory
•Reduced distance between the goods
•Auto-stop incase of overload of goods extending from the pallet width
•Rescue hook incase of any mulfunctioning



Storage method utilized in the food and pharmaceutical industries due to a precise management of expiry dates. It favors the picking of pallets containing goods produced earlier, hence stored as first. T-Shut® Radio Shuttle cooperates in this function allowing storage from one front and picking from the opposite of the racking system. It is necessary therefore, the two fronts of the racks to be free to allow storage and picking.


Storage method for goods which do not have expiry dates, so the option First Stocked, First picked is not necessary, unless otherwise requested by the client.

T-Shut® Radio Shuttle cooperates in this function allowing storage and picking from the same side of the racking system. In this method only one side of the rack is needed.