The single–column vertical storage system
with shifting trays for long goods & sheet metal
With its long steel-bottomed trays, SILO CL represents the ideal solution for the intensive storage of long and bulky items such as profiles, bars, tubes, etc. SILO CL enables to exploit vertical space (up to 15,000 mm high), while occupying only a limited surface area at ground level.



  • Maximum exploitation of the vertical space in a minimum footprint
  • Drastic reduction in times, costs and injuries during the picking and retrieval operations
  • Ergonomics and safety for operators
  • Protection of stored materials from thefts and unauthorized access
  • Real-time monitoring of the status of the storage system and stock levels with an automatic inventory


Large dimensions and high load capacity

SILOCL long steel-bottomed trays are more suitable for storing long items with a maximum load capacity of 750 kg. The trays nominal dimension can differ in width (6,100/6,600/7,100 mm), depth (690/880 mm) and height (from 100 up 583 mm max).


  Tray with adjustable load stoppers and lateral openingTray with adjustable load stoppers and lateral opening








  Tray with adjustable load stoppersTray with adjustable load stoppers

Silo L
They are equipped with 2 wheels each side to slide along the runners and with an appropriate hooking system for the retrieval device.
Moreover, the trays can be equipped with lateral opening to facilitate picking and retrieval operations of long items stored when there is a side workstation. They can be also equipped with appropriate adjustable load stoppers to ensure the stability of the load during handling operations.


The access openings are positioned at a height of 700 mm
(measured from the floor to the bottom of the tray) to ensure maximum ergonomics
External Access Opening
Access openings are always external type in order to simplify the picking and retrieval operation of heavy materials which require the appropriate equipment to lift them, such as overhead travelling cranes, pneumatic manipulators, anthropomorphic robots, etc. eliminating the usual necessity of bending, climbing and stretching associated with conventional shelving and rack systems. Each machine can be equipped with access openings ranging from a minimum of one to a maximum of four.
Side workstation
Side workstation
The access opening can be equipped with a side opening in order to facilitate picking and retrieval operations of long items and their further moving to the machine tools, such as cut machines, placed near VLM for the precise alignment and smooth cut operations.
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