Single-column Vertical Lift System for multi-purpose uses
With its dimensional wide choice of trays and the versatility they offer, SILOL is the ideal solution for the intensive storage of items of various shapes and sizes, even in the same storage system.
SILOL can be suitable for both specific and basic storage requirements providing the freedom to store goods of various shapes.


  • Maximum exploitation of vertical space (smaller footprint)
  • Versatility in application
  • Management of large and long Items
  • Long span and big volume starage units





Large-sized trays and different
load capacity for multi-purpose use
A wide choice of trays with two different load capacities and a limitless choice of compartmentation accessories (partitions, dividers, bins) guarantee maximum flexibility of application in order to meet almost every goods requirement, from small parts to long/large item storage in the same storage system structure.
The SILOL is characterized by steel-bottomed trays with two different load capacities:
  • Up to 500 kg
  • Up to 750 kg
    Both are available with a depth of 690 or 880 mm and a length of 3,000, 3,500 or 4,000

Several height options are available as follow:
  • 85, 115 and 135 mm height for 3,000 mm long trays
  • 135 mm for 3,500 and 4,000 mm long trays
    Perimeter rails of different sizes are added to create trays with greater heights
No Equipment
No Equipment
Mixed Equipment

Mixed Equipment

The access openings can be either internal or external
Each machine can be equipped with access openings ranging from a minimum of one to a maximum of four. They are positioned at a height of 700 mm (measured from the floor to the bottom of the tray) to ensure maximum ergonomics.
Internal Access Opening
Internal Access Opening
The internal access opening, supplied as standard, is suitable for the management of materials with small to medium sized and in any case within the limits of a weight that an operator can lift.
External Access Opening
External Access Opening
The external access opening is suitable to the management of heavy materials and / or those that require suitable lifting equipment.
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