Enable fast picking and ensure deliveries ontime with one of Tezcon® Sorter Systems

We are offering to our customers sorter systems with our partners who are specialsed in designing, manufacturing and installing sorters and related peripherals. One of our strengths is to build sorters on special request for special sized products and applications. We are able to design and manufacture customized sorters in many industries.

Our main market is logistics distribution however we also supply sorter installtions in production environments. We are able to set up a complete test sorter with different types of trays, destinations and chutes.

We are preparing a professional video of the test results and a quotation in combination with a ROI calculation that shows the cost per sorted article and savings for your actual operation incase of a sorter solution.

A. Sorter types

Tezcon®  supplies  4  different  unique  types  of    sorters:

-  OptiSorter

-  FlatSorter

-  WingSorter

-  XL-Sorter

With  these  sorters  a  wide  range  of  products  can  be  sorted:  garments,  shoes,  accessories,  post,  multimedia,  cartons,  jiffy  bags  etc.





B. OptiSorter

-  Capacity  single  pusher  =  7.500  trays/hour 

-  Capacity  dual  pusher    =  15.000  trays/hour 

-  tray  size  min.  =  200  x  200  mm   

-  tray  size  max.    =  600  x  800  mm

-  layout  =  carrousel,  "dog  leg",  multilevel 

-  infeed  =  manual  and  automatic



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C. WingSorter

-  Capacity  single  wing  =  6.000  wings/hour 

-  Capacity  dual  wing    =  12.000  wings/hour 

-  Capacity  triple  wing    =  18.000  wings/hour

-  tray  size  min.  =  200  x  200  mm   

-  tray  size  max.    =  600  x  800  mm

-  layout  =  carrousel,  "dog  leg",  multilevel 

-  infeed  =  manual  and  automatic




E. Destinations

-  chutes   

-  carton 

-  tote

-  rollcontainer

-  postal  bags






F. Scanning Systems

-  Omni-Directional  barcode  scanners 

-  Camera  barcode  scanners 

-  Barcode  scanners  based  on  vision  technology 

-  RF  Scanners 

-  Point  of  sale  barcode  scanners






G. Conveyors

-  Automatic  infeed  conveyors 

-  Roller  conveyors   

-  Belt  conveyors

-  Dividers 

-  Mergers

-  Pushers 

-  Destackers  




H. Speed Cell, the innovative compact storage method for the warehouse.

Speed Cell is a compact mobile storage method with which large capacity gains can be achieved in both storage density and picking. The principle is simple: Columns of textile be installed in existing or new pallet racking. The columns consist of cells and can be moved sideways to make room created products in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th row (in a pallet rack section) deep for storing and picking. The result is that all the products even if they are "back" are easily and quickly accessible. The storage density can be compared to a carousel.