Unizinc Shelving is The Perfect Solution for High Weight Capacity with Light Weight Structure

The structure of the UNIZINC beams presents a unique profile in its kind: the steel is concentrated mainly just in the part most subject to load, i.e. the ends of the section, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of material along the neutral axis. This allows a remarkable load capacity in contrast to the light weight of the structure: a shelving with high weight capacity, but at the same time easy to assemble and highly cost competitive. Moreover the realization of the structure with hot-dipped galvanized steel, which guarantees maximum protection against corrosive agents, makes it particularly suitable for humid and cold environments or environments saturated of corrosive substances.





Unizinc shelving can also be completed with several accessories, changing it’s storage benefit from a tyre holder, to exhaust pipe storage, to clothes hanger, to a versatile bin system with vertical separators suiting each customers’ needs. If necessary, side frames can also be supplied covered. UNIZINC, finally, does not require earthing being constructed in galvanized material.







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