SILO Vertical Lift Systems are Goods-to-Person warehouse systems with vertically arranged trays, stored on both sides of the storage unit, while a computer-controlled extractor moves effortlessly between the two.
The operator chooses the desired product via a control system, and the Vertical Lift Systems automatically moves to the level where the item is located, selects the relevant tray and carries it to an access opening positioned at the required height. Systems can also be equipped with measuring devices to weigh the stored items.
Every SILO can be installed as a stand-alone system or expanded into an integrated system to reap the benefits of full integration with the company software.

Whether you are using containers, trays or carton units, in large or small parts stores, space and time should always be given priority.

With our Vertical Lift Systems this can easily be achieved whilst still ensuring a high level of flexibility thanks to their modular design.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Goods-to-person principle
  • Optimized space utilization
  • Increased productivity with faster access
  • Increased accuracy
  • Ergonomics
  • Security


Silo Vertical Lift Systems ensure that space is optimized to the full, using intelligent solutions to provide quick access to stored goods resulting in a fast ROI.
Space Utilization
Save money by saving space.

The SILO Vertical Lift Systems are able to optimize the use of space by providing higher storage capacity within a smaller footprint. Compared with non-automated storage solutions a SILO can utilize up to 85 % of space which would otherwise be wasted, exploiting the height of the premises to the full. The resulting floor space saved can either be re-allocated for different operations or kept to meet future requirements as the company grows. Thanks to their vertical development SILOs can also be used to link different floors within a building, thereby further reducing the amount of space required.
Modularity for maximum exploitation of space and adaptability to any need.
Thanks to their modular design SILO storage systems, both single and multiple-columns, can be easily adapted to any space requirements, maximizing the exploitation of all available space.
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